First nice screenprinted cover inside and out. Second stamped center labels if this isn’t DIY then what is? So I put this record on the player and wow this is some very heavy and very fast music. Starting off the record is a song called “Abwesend” no clue what it means but it’s an amazing start to this record. Next is “No Time” a little slower then the first song but equally heavy very thrashy feel for the guitar and very doomy vocals. I am loving this so far time to flip this record over. The secod side starts off with “Licht” which the record is named after and this song does not disappoint . This has a very good sound to it reminds me of ENGLISH DOGS. Lastly there is “Stuff V” a last helping of doomy thrash to leave you wanting more from these guys. Be on the lookout for these guys in America. (BerzerkerX)